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  • TerraModus Surveying

    TerraModus Surveying provides professional, friendly and cost-effective surveying services throughout Far North Queensland. Based in Cairns, TerraModus Surveying is a small surveying consultancy that specialises in land surveying, engineering surveying and construction surveying.

    TerraModus means "earth measurement" and that is precisely what we as surveyors do.

    Our business and staff are well qualified to provide quality and timely survey solutions in urban, rural and remote locations throughout the Cairns region and Far North Queensland. The company is Registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland to provide surveying consultancy services and is endorsed by the Board to perform Cadastral (land boundary) and Engineering Surveys. The company is also fully accredited with the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) in recognition of our high standard of land boundary surveys.

    We can provide surveying services for large or small, long or short term projects. We pride ourselves in adopting the highest professional standards with an emphasis in customer service. All surveys are performed with due diligence and in accordance with current professional standards, practice and principles. We can assist you in a range of surveying services including

    • boundary identification surveys;
    • land subdivisions;
    • lease, easement and covenant surveys;
    • strata titling surveys;
    • contour and detail surveys;
    • construction set-out;
    • as-constructed surveys;
    • control surveys; and
    • monitoring well location surveys.

    We perform surveys in all areas of Far North Queensland including, but not limited to, Cairns, Ingham, Tully, Innisfail, Mareeba, Kuranda, Atherton, Herberton, Ravenshoe, Dimbulah, Chillagoe, Port Douglas, Mossman, Daintree, Cooktown, Cape York and the Torres Strait. We are happy to provide obligation free quotes for your required survey work.


  • TerraModus Surveying Services

    TerraModus Surveying offers professional surveying advice and services in Cadastral (Land Boundary), Engineering and Construction Surveying as identified in the following table.

    Cadastral Surveying Engineering Surveying Construction Surveying
    Land Surveys i.e. Subdivisions Contour & Detail surveys Set-out incl. buildings & footings
    Boundary Identification surveys As Constructed surveys Pile set-out and calculations
    Lot re-configurations Control surveys Road construction set-out
    Building Format surveys GPS surveys  
    Volumetric surveys Monitoring surveys  
    Lease surveys Monitoring well location  
    Easement surveys    
    Covenant surveys    
    Road Resumptions    


    The following are some brief definitions of the types of surveys and when you may need them.

    Land Surveys

    A cadastral (land boundary) survey defines the limits of your block of land and defines the interests and sub-interests (such as easements, leases and covenants) in a piece of land. Survey marks (such as pegs) are placed to show the location of the property corners.

    You need a cadastral survey performed to

    * check where your existing land boundaries are (known as an identification survey);
    * subdivide your land into two or more lots and have separate titles issued;
    * create interests in land such as provide easements for access over parcels of land or to lease a section of land.

    Cadastral surveys are regulated by the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 and its regulations and standards. Cadastral surveys performed must produce and lodge a survey plan with the Titles office in the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) which forms part of the public record. Cadastral surveys also must legally identify any encroachments on these plans and provide written notification to the owners of the affected parcels. Cadastral surveys, including Identification surveys, can only be performed by surveyors registered to do so with the Surveyors Board of Queensland to ensure the integrity of our land administration system (including your land boundaries) is maintained.

    Identification Surveys

    An identification survey is a type of cadastral survey that identifies where the property boundaries of a title are located. An identification survey re-marks property corners (as marks may have been destroyed over time) and verifies property boundaries in relation to any improvements to make sure they are not encroaching onto the neighbouring parcel of land. Your parcel of land is probably one of your biggest investments so it is recommended to know where your boundaries are and therefore what you own.

    Identification surveys are highly recommended when you

    * purchase a property (to know the extent what you are buying);
    * build a fence (so you can build on the boundary and therefore ensure you and not your neighbour are using all your land);
    * build any structures on or near property boundaries; or
    * want to check for any encroachments.

    Contour and Detail Surveys

    Contour and Detail Surveys show the shape, features and services of a piece of land and are usually performed for design purposes prior to construction. Features usually include any visible manmade structures (i.e. existing buildings, sewer lines, stormwater lines and fences) and natural features (i.e. trees, creeks and embankments). Services searches are also performed to provide an indication of the location of services underground/not visible. These surveys are also often requested by the local council for an assessment on the suitability of an application for development when the land is steep, heavily vegetated or contains existing infrastructure requiring location. For urban parcels, the entire lot is usually surveyed while for large rural parcels, a contour and detail survey is often only required over the area where development/building is proposed.

    It is highly recommended to have both a contour and detail survey and an identification survey performed prior to building on a property, especially if any structures are to be built on or near the property boundaries.

    Set-out Surveys

    Set-out surveys are used as a guide for construction and involve placing marks (i.e. pegs, stakes, nails in concrete) where structures are to be built. However often in the course of construction these marks will be destroyed and so offset marks are often placed. Surveyors are often required at various times during a construction project to set out concrete slabs, footings, columns, utilities, roads etc.

    It is advisable to have a set-out survey performed to assist the relevant trades during construction and ensure items are built according to the design and within the property boundaries.There have been many cases in Queensland where houses/structures have been constructed over property boundaries. This often results in large costs and legal issues to rectify these situations.

    As-Constructed Surveys

    An as-constructed survey locates all items constructed on a property and is usually performed to demonstrate the items have been constructed in accordance with the approved design. These surveys are performed soon after the construction is completed and are common for land developments, such as new estate subdivisions, to demonstrate the infrastructure constructed (like roads, water pipes, sewers) meet local government requirements.